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Starting your research

Some guidance for people new to family history. This page sets out some useful hints.


Documents and articles

This page contains links to documents and articles that may be of general interest of those searching for their Barbadian roots.


Resources on the internet

The resources that Barbadian researchers have found most useful are set out in alphabetical order with a brief description of their content. There are separate sub-pages for specific area of research either by location eg Guyana (for those whose ancestors lived in Demerara) or subject eg plantations and slavery. Further categories can be added as information becomes available.


Barbados Department of Archives

A description of the information available at the archives and on the internet.


Barbados Museum

Links to the Barbados Museum & Historical Society’s website and overview of the society’s holdings of interest to the family historian.



The newsletter of the Barbados Genealogy Group.



10 responses to “WHAT’S ON THIS SITE?

  • Jim Lynch

    The Caribbean Surname Index is a secure location to leave the info a user is looking for – for others to find – while they get on with other research. Emails are never revealed, and the software sends the user an email if someone responds to their Post or leaves them a Private Message. Emails are NOT permitted in public Posts. The Admin sends out a short informative update on the first of every month – not enough to annoy, but enough to keep it fresh in the mind. The Admin checks the Index daily for SPAM and garbage, so it is always clean and user-friendly.
    >> The Caribbean Surname Index

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  • James Lynch

    Over the last 20 years I have re-Published and sold sets of material I believed to be disappearing into the yawning chasms of insect mouths…

    VL Oliver’s
    7-book set of “Caribbeana”
    — (Volume 8 is all of the indexes repeated in one book) and
    3-volume set of “History of Antigua”, as well as

    2 volumes of “Old Barbados Newspapers” (from the British Public Library).

    I donated all to three places – the Barbados Museum Library, the Antigua Archives, and the Metro Toronto Reference Library, where you can do research on them for free.


  • Cristina Cox Fernandes

    Hi looking for old information about the last name cox


  • Jim Webster

    From 1912 – 1914 Police Magistrate E.G. Sinckler published The Barbados Handbook, which included a listing of Barbados Plantations and Sugarworks. We have consolidated that into a searchable Google Sheet along with data from 1924 which was previously published in the Journal of the BMHS. Feel free to add a link from this site.
    The data published by Creole links and subsequently copied to Wikipedia came from the 1913 Barbados Handbook but didn’t incorporate all the published Handbook data. It is all included here.


  • Fernne

    I’m in search of my grandfather’s parents. His last name is Solomon, (William Emmanuel) and was told he was born in barbados about 1892 or 1893. I can’t seem to find anything about his birth. Kindness of assistance is appreciated. Traveling to Barbados soon.


  • Jim Webster

    David, would it be possible to have a link to this site be added to the About section of the Barbados Genealogy Facebook page. This is a great resource but one that many people may not be aware of. Jim


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